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PRH Videos

So, Punk Rock Holiday 1.8 is just around the corner! To get into the mood, you can watch some of our videos from last year on our youtube channel:





Report: Jawbreaker + Real Life Version (13.1.2018)

Here are some photos from our movie night – slash – album release party!


©Aleš Rosa / Kino Šiška

PRH 1.7: Friday, Day 5

And then came the last day! We knew that this day would be the most exhausting, because of this line-up:

Beach stage:

  • Corbillard
  • La Armada
  • Pinhole down
  • Sombulance
  • After the fall
  • Straightline
  • Darko

+ 69 Enfermos

Main stage:

  • Undeclinable ambuscade
  • Chixdiggit
  • 88 Fingers Louie
  • Snuff
  • Propagandhi

We also did a few interviews – the one with 88 Fingers Louie is already available on our youtube channel:

… the others will be uploaded soon!

Visibly tired, we came to the beach stage just in time to see our friends Straightline and Darko kill it at the beach stage – both bands created an amazing atmosphere, as always! ❤

After the beach stage shows ended, we went upstairs for another interview that never happened (the band didn’t show up), so we went to see Undeclinable ambuscade play – at the same time – their reunion show, their first show in Slovenia ever and the last one in Slovenia ever. Kinda impressive, right? Well, I enjoyed their show and apparently they already have a new generation of young fans waiting to take their place:

After their show we decided to grab something to eat and after that we hung out with the guys (and girls) of the Adversity crew:


So after that, we knew we were going to be in front of the main stage until the end of the evening. This was my first 88 Fingers Louie show and hopefully not my last. I had no idea that Snuff were so fun live and I wished they would play on the first day, when I had much more energy!

I SO wanted to say “f* this, I’m too old” and go home to sleep, but I knew I just HAD to hear the new Propagandhi, probably the most awaited album of the year (at least in my circles). And you know what, they blew my mind. I was wide awake from the second they got on stage. It was a pure joy to take pictures and from up close I could actually see the “steam” coming from them:


I don’t know how to explain it, the closest description I can think of would be that the atmosphere was electric. The crowd was going crazy, the band had a lot more contact with the crowd than usual and you could see that they enjoyed the show as much as everyone else. I think this show will be on my top 10 list for a long time to come and I am very very VERY happy I witnessed it. And it was a perfect ending to an amazing week.

© Gregor Jadrič & Zarja Šinkovec

After the show we said goodbye to all the friends we ran into and congratulated the Punk Rock Holiday Crew for a great festival once again. We had to skip the Punk Rock Holiday Karaoke this year, because we simply had no more energy left.

Every year we say that this might be the last year we go to PRH and that one week is way too much and that there are no more bands to see, because we have seen them all … and every year we have to take back our words. It’s like a time warp, this festival. A week flies by like it was 5 minutes and so much happens that you can hardly keep up, but it makes you happy and it feels good and you forget that you are an adult with a job, a lot of responsibilities and obligations and bills to pay. You get to hang out with awesome people that make you feel at home and “part of the tribe” and for that one week, you feel like you don’t have to be an adult all the time and that the world is not such as scary and fucked up place as it seems to be other 358 days of the year. It’s the whole experience. Punk Rock Holiday, don’t ever, EVER lose that. ❤

PRH 1.7: Thursday, Day 4

Thursday was probably the most “dramatic” day at the festival, weather-wise. Another storm (the first one was on Sunday) came over Tolmin and from what we heard, it had also caused some damage at the campsite, as well as messed up the beach stage line-up.

The line-up was supposed to be like this:

Beach stage:

  • Actionmen
  • Why everyone left
  • Real life version
  • Barrier reef the great
  • Bono!
  • Nofnog
  • 69 Enfermos
  • Get dead

We had every intention of catching at least a few bands and doing some interviews, but it was pretty clear that we won’t be able to make it, as it had been raining the whole drive up to Tolmin and it didn’t seem it would stop any time soon. And photo/video gear + rain is not a good combination. So, we parked the car and walked about 100 meters to the Press area, when all of a sudden, the storm hit. We managed to run into the building just in time and watched how the wind and rain just “swooshed” through the main stage area. F***. We had nothing to do but wait …

Luckily, the guys from Bandage and Real life version were also there, so we decided to at least try to do some interviews, never mind the bad light and background noise (both will be available soon on this blog!). It was great to see them again, both bands are our friends and we were happy to hear they all have some new music coming out soon, so make sure to check them out!

We later heard that 69 Enfermos had to stop their show (they played on Friday again) and Get dead got moved to the main stage, to play after the Toy dolls.

The rain then finally stopped, so the main stage bands continued as planned:

Main stage:

  • Pears
  • Teenage bottlerocket
  • Madball
  • Less than Jake
  • The Toy dolls

All photos © Gregor Jadrič & Zarja Šinkovec

Just in time Pears got to the stage, the rain also stopped and the fun continued like nothing had happened. Their show was great as always and it was a pure joy to take pictures of Zach again. I don’t really know Teenage bottlerocket that well, but I do know they lost a brother and a friend recently and when they dedicated the song to him, it was a touching moment, you could feel it in the crowd.

Like every day that week, there were a lot of children watching the show, sometimes even physically on the stage, and today was no different. Even “tough guys” Madball made sure their youngest fans felt safe and there was always a child crowdsurfing over our heads throughout their set (through the whole week, actually) – next to other, “grown up” stagedivers and moshers. But miraculously, there seemed to be a symbiosis of some sort between them and all the children seemed to enjoy every minute of it. You had to see it to believe it.

Again, from a child’s point of view, I think that Less than Jake were the most fun band to see – they had baloons and toilet paper flying around, as always, and everyone seemed to have a great time. We only listened to a few Toy dolls songs, because by then it was cold as f*** (somehow it didn’t cross my mind to pack warm clothes) and drove back home early, to get some sleep and restore the last bit of energy for the last day. From what we heard, Get dead had a great show after that. But by then we were already sleeping, four days of shows had already gotten to us.




PRH 1.7: Wednesday, Day 3

Day 3! Time flies! First, here is the line-up for Wednesday:

Beach stage:

  • Never been famous
  • Acid snot
  • Bandage
  • Day oof
  • Teenage love guns
  • Start at zero
  • Higher power
  • Not on tour

Main stage:

  • No trigger
  • Slapshot
  • Face to face
  • Anti-flag
  • Good riddance

On Wednesday we first checked out the Pnkrckr collective‘s stand:


After an “adult”, rational debate we decided to wait and save some “shopping”-money for the last day, as we did have to eat and pay for gas sometime in between.

After that we hung out at the beach stage and did this interview with Jure and Gašper from Start at zero, right after their show:

Complete interview will be published on this blog soon!*

After the interview we could barely reach the beach stage, because of the amount of people who came to see Not on tour!

This show would have to be one of our PRH highlights for sure. I don’t think that the beach stage was EVER as packed as it was packed when they played and the atmosphere was fantastic. Imagine an outdoor sauna (it was hot as hell), with your friends and cool music … kind of like in a small club. 😀 And the view from the stage was amazing:


After the beach stage shows ended, we walked up to the main stage to check out also the main stage bands. No trigger were a “band you have to check out” according to my friends and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The crowd also appeared to know the songs and sang along, so it almost seemed like the atmosphere from the beach came with us “upstairs” to the main stage.

During the Slapshot show we decided to get something to eat, so we walked through the campsite to the “Slovenian village” and got some vegan kebabs and the official Bevog PRH beer. Happy? Very happy! 


So, after we regained some energy for the last few shows, the rest of the evening just flew by! Face to face were great as always, Anti-flag almost made us feel like they were the headliner with their energy and connection with the crowd and Good riddance finished the night off nicely. And before you know it, we were already driving back “home”, full of excitement and good vibes and ready for day 4!


All photos © Gregor Jadrič & Zarja Šinkovec


PRH 1.7 Report: Tuesday, Day 2

So, day two! We managed to not hear the alarm clock in the morning and as always when you want to be somewhere early, everything goes wrong and/or it takes an extra long time. Here is the complete line-up for the day:

Beach stage:

  • Wasei hey! Go!
  • Fast response
  • Altitude
  • Adversity
  • Bitter grounds
  • 7 Dials mystery
  • Deadends
  • Petrol girls

Main stage:

  • Jesus piece
  • The Generators
  • The Real Mckenzies
  • Ignite
  • Pennywise

We arrived to the festival just in time to see Deadends and Petrol girls play at the beach stage.

We have seen both bands play in Slovenia before and it was nice to see them again. In general, it felt like a “high school reunion”, but much more pleasant. There were a lot of familiar faces from the “diy scene” in the crowd, as well as behind the scenes, as the beach stage crew:


We also made some new friends ❤

We checked out the beach and hung out with old and new friends for a bit …


… but then it was time to go to the main stage. We missed the first two bands because we checked out the American socks acoustic stage and went to see if the “hippy pizza” was as good as it was last year (unfortunately these two photos are from the day before, but just so you get an idea of how it looked).

After that, we moved to the main stage to see The Real Mckenzies, Ignite and today’s headliners: Pennywise.

All photos: © Gregor Jadrič & Zarja Šinkovec

Guess what, no fences in front of the stage make for a better show, who would have thought. I have seen The Real Mckenzies and Ignite play many times before, so my only comment would be that these guys deserve to be invited back to PRH time and time again, because they get it. They get the people, they get the scene, they get the festival and they seem to love every second of it.

And then I get to Pennywise. I have to say, from what I know of the band, from what I have seen, read and heard from people in the scene, they were usually presented as douchebags. Especially when they cancelled a show in Slovenia because – who knows why – they thought there is a war raging in our long-time-emancipated country. That one is weird. But ok, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. What I was expecting was a great show, the crowd going crazy, with moshpits, stagedives and singalongs, and the band enjoying the respect and love they got from their fans. The crowd gave that and more. But what about the band? Instead, we got a whole lot of arrogant attitude, covers (why the hell would a band with such an immense discography play covers?) and stupid jokes. Well, I guess sometimes rumors start for a reason. Not-cool-at-all.

Again, I was happy to leave the show early, to get some sleep for day 3.

PRH 1.7 Report: Warm up / Day 1!

As you are reading this, Punk Rock Holiday crew has already sold out tickets for next year (and hopefully you are among those people who managed to get some tickets!) … but we are still overwhelmed with photos, videos and memories from this year’s edition! ❤ 

Firstly, I have to say that this year only two of us attended the festival and we were staying about 45 minutes away from the festival grounds, driving up and down every day, so the report contains only the shows that happened in the time frame that we spent at the festival. The reason: last minute dog sitter cancellation. HA-HA, I know.  So while you were chilling at the beach or partying your “heart” out at one of the after parties, we were hanging out with these two scoundrels:


So, the WARM-UP that I am going to call DAY 1 ( it is weird to call it “day zero”) took place on Monday, 7th August and this was the Line-up:

  • Trash boat
  • The Kenneths
  • Clowns
  • Jaya The Cat
  • Pigs Parlament
  • The Offspring

We got to the venue just as the Kenneths started playing and we were shocked to see there was a fence in front of the main stage. Excuse me? I got a polite explanation from one of the stage crew guys and basically, the gist of it: “The Offspring requested it”. I thought to myself: Well, alright. Probably it was their management’s request. They don’t understand what the festival is about, but alright.

At this point I have to say that I am not a die-hard Offspring fan and I haven’t been for a while now, but still, I wanted to check them out just for the hell of it, to “check” them off my list of “bands to see before I get old and boring”.

What got to me later was the fact that this fence kind of ruined the experience for all the bands that played before the headliner and it ruined it for the crowd as well. Don’t get me wrong, all the bands had solid performances and they did their best and the crowd seemed like they were enjoying themselves, but still the fence and a few meters of distance from the crowd fucked it up. And there were no stage dives, of course. How weird, not to have stage dives at PRH.

I was really looking forward to seeing Clowns  and they killed it, fence & all. I hope to get a chance to see them play in a club or a smaller venue, it has been a while since a “new” band impressed me this much and had so much energy. Mind-blown. Please come back to Europe! Surprisingly, as ska-ish bands rarely “do it” for me, I was actually looking forward to see Jaya the Cat play again and slovenians Pigs Parlament too. As I said before – solid performances from all the bands, but the fence just killed the vibe somehow.

When it came to the headliners, the Offspring of course are technically good and they have been touring for years and it is obvious that they are used to much much bigger venues than PRH. It kind of felt like they didn’t really know where they were. Nova Rock? Rock im Park maybe? … I don’t usually go to big festivals. The older I get, the more I cherish smaller venues and the tight-knit vibe that happens between a band and the crowd at a diy show, so it might be that I am just picky and subjective, but when I looked around, I felt like I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t feeling it. There was no sincere contact with the crowd, they just played their hits one after another, like robots, just to get through their “job”. Not-my-cup-of-tea, at all. We had to leave before the show ended and I didn’t even feel bad. We had to get back “home” to get some sleep to get through day 2, which we knew was going to be a busy one.

Here are some photos from the Warm-up show:

© Gregor Jadrič & Zarja Šinkovec




Photo report: Talk Show Host

A bit overdue, but still! Here are some photos from our Talk Show Host show back in May:

© Zarja Šinkovec

Report on CKB Show #20!

Thank you The Rocktologist for this report from the show! Go check them out here:


An overspill of punk oriented fervour with Burst One’s Side & Talk Show Host

Report by: Daniel Pavlica
Photographs by: Mojca Perdih
Location: Gromka, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date: May 30th, 2017Tuesday’s overspill of punk oriented fervour in Metelkova is marked by two different, yet highly compatible groups determined to deliver even to a venue as lively as Mary Celeste. Indeed, only a handful of individuals are spotted pouncing about Gromka as Canadians Talk Show Host continue to unravel their passion for indie punk.

This Toronto based three piece have enough tiger in their tank to make themselves noticed, with Chris wringing every bit of emotion out of every line. A tight little unit, Talk Show Host deliver a double-barrelled blast of punk rock fury, perhaps a little too tame for purist’s ears, nevertheless, there’s a definite rebellious spark underneath it all. The trio make the most of that sonic boost; they certainly have the tunes, the verve and a frontman with charisma to burn.

Burst One’s Side are more breakneck than their openers. There’s nothing safe in their delivery, as the band phobic personality blossoms through what appears to be a textbook approach to conducing hard core mayhem. Sandwiched somewhere between brawny swagger and nervy brashness there’s a fist coming at you with the power of the songs. The chest crushing “When Hope Means Status Quo” marks a moment where music and delivery are at their most indelible. This, folks, is the way to do it!

Viva belgrado

Viva belgrado finished their spring tour and are now off to Japan! How awesome is that 🙂

You can listen to their music here:

and here are some photos from their CKB show in Klub Gromka, Ljubljana.


©Zarja Šinkovec