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Mental strike!

LOW Dérive+Mental strike.jpg

Our buddies from Mental strike have been added to the line up for 7th April!

Just recently they have released a new album, Final E – you can listen to it here:

Ticket reservations on!

See you soon!


New CKB Show!

So, we can finally confirm our next event!

Saturday, 7th April 2018 @ Klub Gromka (AKC Metelkova, Ljubljana): Low dérive (IT) + support (will be published soon!)

FB Event:

See you there!! ❤


CKB Band management!


We decided to actively focus on promoting Slovenian bands (*you CAN be from abroad, if we really like your music*) and help with booking shows/tours abroad, besides our other stuff.

You can get more info and apply on our email:

Feel free to share this post to your friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, mothers, etc.!! 🤘



Report: Jawbreaker + Real Life Version (13.1.2018)

Here are some photos from our movie night – slash – album release party!


©Aleš Rosa / Kino Šiška

Don’t break down + Furious winds and ice cold showers

fb event header

Here we are, this SATURDAY is almost here!

get your tickets at and see you soon!!

Jawbreaker film premiere + Real Life Version release party!

Ta-daaaa!! We are back!

And this time we are joining forces with our friends from Giljotina and Real life version, to bring to you this awesome event:





: Saturday, 13. January 2018, at 20:00

WHERE: Kino Šiška )


First, we will chill in Katedrala Hall (“the big one”) and watch Don’t break down: A film about Jawbreaker … you can check out the trailer here:


After the movie, we will move downstairs into Komuna hall (“the downstairs one”) and check out the new awesome album of Real Life Version: Furious winds and Ice cold showers, played live for the first time ever!! AND you will also be able to buy the new album on vinyl at the show!!  … you can listen to the music here:

… and get ready to party! 😉



  • Film + Concert = 8€
  • Film = 5€
  • Concert = 5€


…. More info soon!! See you there! 🙂

CKB + Giljotina



Photo report: Talk Show Host

A bit overdue, but still! Here are some photos from our Talk Show Host show back in May:

© Zarja Šinkovec

Report on CKB Show #20!

Thank you The Rocktologist for this report from the show! Go check them out here:


An overspill of punk oriented fervour with Burst One’s Side & Talk Show Host

Report by: Daniel Pavlica
Photographs by: Mojca Perdih
Location: Gromka, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date: May 30th, 2017Tuesday’s overspill of punk oriented fervour in Metelkova is marked by two different, yet highly compatible groups determined to deliver even to a venue as lively as Mary Celeste. Indeed, only a handful of individuals are spotted pouncing about Gromka as Canadians Talk Show Host continue to unravel their passion for indie punk.

This Toronto based three piece have enough tiger in their tank to make themselves noticed, with Chris wringing every bit of emotion out of every line. A tight little unit, Talk Show Host deliver a double-barrelled blast of punk rock fury, perhaps a little too tame for purist’s ears, nevertheless, there’s a definite rebellious spark underneath it all. The trio make the most of that sonic boost; they certainly have the tunes, the verve and a frontman with charisma to burn.

Burst One’s Side are more breakneck than their openers. There’s nothing safe in their delivery, as the band phobic personality blossoms through what appears to be a textbook approach to conducing hard core mayhem. Sandwiched somewhere between brawny swagger and nervy brashness there’s a fist coming at you with the power of the songs. The chest crushing “When Hope Means Status Quo” marks a moment where music and delivery are at their most indelible. This, folks, is the way to do it!

CKB Show #20!

And for the end of this season, we are hosting a French hardcore punk band Burst One’s side, alongside their Canadian indie punk friends Talk Show Host!

See you on 30th May at Klub Gromka (Metelkova)!


& have some extra money for band merch!

See you there!!

Viva belgrado

Viva belgrado finished their spring tour and are now off to Japan! How awesome is that 🙂

You can listen to their music here:

and here are some photos from their CKB show in Klub Gromka, Ljubljana.


©Zarja Šinkovec